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For the builder

For the homeowner

Hiring a designer can set you apart from your competition.


As a builder your to-do list, phone calls, damage control and overseeing of projects is never ending. By having a designer work with you, you are able to stay focused on the job site, contractors and growing your business. I work directly with you and your vision for your project. If you do not have a clear idea of where your design concept is going, my service can provide clarity and expertise. When working with builders, I work within your set budget and deadlines to keep you on schedule and on budget. .I can provide you look books and samples so you can visualize our design concept helping keep your project streamlined and professional.

Having a designer work on your home relieves the stress that comes with a remodel or new build.


With so many design styles and your personal aesthetic, designing a balanced and beautiful home can be daunting. Traditional or Farmhouse, Contemporary or Modern, Transitional or Industrial?  My goal is to help you pull together your design dreams and make them a reality. Guiding you through the decisions, I will provide fresh options and together we can create a home design that is beautiful, functional and unique to you and your taste.

MD Design


Founded: 2016

Owner: Marcella Domonkos

Projects to date: 12


Areas of expertise: Design consulting for all aspects of home design, remodels, flips, staging, new builds and decorating.